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Cardio Kettle

This class is taught by:

Mark Fitzpatrick

Business Degree and NASM Certified Personal Trainer.
One of my favorite things I LOVE to do:  Helping others by bringing their mental game up and Transforming their bodies!
My belief:  "DREAMS DO COME TRUE!" Hard work and discipline will create the life you want.  And I will coach you through to your reality!
Favorite quote - "Perfect practice makes perfect" 
My Personal Goals:  To be the best I can, take my body and mind to the top and to become  "The NEXT American Ninja Warrior".
Areas of expertise - Balance, Core, Strength; Speed and quickness training.
I am a creative workouts are designed to never be stale.  I am  constantly integrating, intensifying and   advancing each class and workout.
My guarantee is as long as you do the work...I will get you the results you never dreamed possible.
Take a class on me...I guarantee you will think twice about not being in the best mental and physical condition of your life!
Looking to burn some more LB's off???  This class will keep your body burning days after!  With minimal rest this structured class will keep your heart rate elevated the entire time!
The science supports the effectiveness of kettlebell training and its use for all ages. According to a American Council on Exercise (A.C.E.) study, one can burn up to 20 calories a minute while training with a kettlebell, in addition to increasing core strength up to 70%.